Academic Editing

  • classical studies
  • classical archaeology
  • ancient history
  • Mycenaean studies
  • historical linguistics

I am a PhD in classical studies who now works as a copyeditor. My familiarity with both academic writing and copyediting enables me to save time for you by giving an expert final polishing to your work. I edit articles and chapters that are about to be submitted for publication.

Work that is well written and polished has a better chance of being accepted for publication.

I offer the following services:

  • ensuring consistency in all mechanical details: punctuation, capitalization, spelling, grammar, usage, abbreviations, hyphenation, formatting of lists and of bibliography or reference list
  • checking footnote or endnote numbering and matching notes or references with bibliography or reference list, checking the alphabetization of bibliography or reference list and the numbering of tables or figures
  • ensuring that all text and references conform to your publisher’s guidelines
  • making sure that evidence and arguments are presented with clarity, brevity, and precision, and that the text is readily understandable

Changes would be discussed with you, and of course the author’s voice is always preserved.

My languages include a reading knowledge of classical Greek, Latin, French, and German, as well as a smattering of Spanish, Italian, and koiné Greek. I am familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style and proficient in Microsoft Word with track changes and in editing PDFs. I am scrupulous about meeting deadlines, early if at all possible.

I work with scholars at all levels, including those whose first language is not English.

For information about my rates and a quote on your work, please contact me. I give student discounts.