About Me

I earned a PhD in classical studies at Duke University. My main field of interest was Mycenaean Studies, especially the Linear B tablets. After writing my dissertation on The Manufacture and Trade of Mycenaean Perfumed Oil, I published several articles on that subject. When my research led me to a need and a desire to know more about linguistics, I pursued graduate studies in Indo-European linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, with an emphasis on sound changes between Proto-Indo-European and the classical Greek dialects.

For several years I taught ancient history at the University of Delaware.

Now my love of language, detail, and accuracy has led me to copyediting. I have copyedited two academic books:

Betten, Neil, and Michael J. Austin. The Roots of Community Organizing, 1917–1939. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1990.

Palmer, Robert E. A. Studies of the Northern Campus Martius in Ancient Rome. Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society, 1990.

I currently copyedit a newsletter and marketing materials for a consulting company.

My knowledge of both academic writing and copyediting enables me to provide an especially useful service to scholars in my fields.

Ellen Douglas does an excellent job of proofreading and copyediting for us. She produces newsletter copy that is clear, accurate and readable, while preserving the author’s individual voice. Our advertising materials are more polished thanks to her work. She pays close attention to detail and has a thorough knowledge of grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation, and she takes the trouble to check facts. She meets deadlines early, often returning files the same day. Ellen also makes suggestions to help our magazine articles make sense to our readers, which has really helped our response rate tremendously. We write a lot of material every month to our clients all over North America and I wouldn’t want it ever to go out the door without Ellen touching it.
—Chris Frederick, CEO, Automotive Training Institute, Linthicum, Maryland